Services We Offer

Oregon City plumbing is in good hands with the professionals from Our Company ready to respond to emergency and routine plumbing situations any time of the day or night. Our trained and seasoned professional plumbing technicians are the very best the industry has to offer and as a company we provide a number of services that you as a homeowner will need at some point during the life of your home. 

a sink drainEmergency Service

Most people don’t even think about calling an Oregon City plumber until they have an actual emergency to deal with. A flood in the basement, a broken pipe, a clogged drain, or a toilet that is overflowing are the most common situations we see on a first visit. If you are in need of emergency service we are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty five days a year. 

Routine Repair

Routine repair, unlike emergency repair, is something that we can schedule for you at a time that is convenient to your schedule. When your pipes start knocking or hissing and you’d like to have some basic work done, we classify it as routine repair. We’ll send a plumbing technician to your home to assess the situation and make the repairs necessary to get your system running quietly and efficiently once again. 


If you are looking to install pipes, gas lines, a water heater, a boiler, a furnace, or any type of sink, tub, toilet or fixture then the Oregon City plumbers from Our Company are the ones you need to bring in. Even if you have a major renovation or new building project going on you will still need a certified, licensed and insured plumber to assist your contractors. Call us for an appointment any time and we’ll go over options and pricing with you. 

Preventative Maintenance  

If it isn’t broken then we will not have to fix it. Most of the calls we receive from first time customers are for emergency service. To prevent the need for that in the future we set up preventative maintenance programs for our regular customers that allow us to head off potential problems before they happen. In the long run for a homeowner spending a few dollars on prevention can save a whole lot in repair bills. Make sure you ask about our preventative maintenance programs when you call us for other services.


  • "The work was done quickly and done right. And when we had a small follow-up problem, Our Company showed up immediately to fix it at no charge." - Ashley Sivrett
  • "A extreme gentleman. He is by far the nicest person I have ever worked with. You are very lucky to have a man of his nature working for your company." - Todd Mcntyre

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